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Welcome to our campaign.

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About us

Our Dungeons and Dragons group rethinks the way a typical group therapy session is run. Our campaign is led by a qualified psychologist who will create a fantasy world based on the players interests and therapeutic goals.

We run fortnightly at 11B Adelaide Road, Gawler South 5118.

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What happened last time at DnD .....

Welcome back to all our players for 2024 !

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Best roll of the game

All our players


OUR DM ! for his excellent use of puns !

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Our DnD Rules

Our DnD group focuses on building friendships and conquering dragons. We respect our party members and our Dungeon Master.

Cartoon Miniature Warrior Orc
Cartoon Miniature Elven Hunter
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Listen to each other

Respect each other

Keep trying even when you roll a nat 1

Help each other

No fudging dice rolls

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Dice of the month

This months dice are a mixed purple and black set with sequins. Nominate your dice to be featured next month.

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Current Campaign - Term 1 - Group 1

DnD Schedule

We run Dungeons and Dragons on a fortnightly basis.

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4pm - 6pm

12 -14 years old

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Dragon or Monster Paw

Email us today at to chat further about our available spots

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Player Resources

Want to learn more about DnD ? Here are some handy resources and apps for children and young people.

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Booking Information


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A word from James

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Resource Page for Parents/Caregivers/ Agencies

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We are located at 11B Adelaide Road, Gawler South. Parking is available on Adelaide Road or behind KFC.

Payment and Costs

The Dungeons and Dragons group will run initially for five sessions. Places are funded through NDIS at a reduced rate as a group activity ($88.60 per session)

Gawler Psychology

To learn more about our company and James click here.

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Dungeon and Dragon News

Dungeons and Dragons Movie

The Dungeons and Dragons movie is currently showing in cinemas. Let us know what you think of the movie !

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Where to buy dice and mini's

We provide all our players with dice, a notebook, and character sheets. If you are interested in buying further supplies your local game shop will have an excellent supply.

Want to learn more about DnD ?

The Dungeons and Dragons YouTube page is an excellent resource for players and our parents. We encourage all our players to explore the DnD world.

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Child Safety at Gawler Psychology

We are committed to safeguarding children and young people who attend our services. Staff employed by Gawler Psychology are mandated notifiers under The Children and Young Persons (Safety) Act 2017.

Learn more about the Charter of Rights for Young People here.

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All staff at our site are required to comply with our child safety policy.

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Learn more about how we resolve complaints and our safeguarding practices.

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Learn more about our Code of Conduct for our staff.

We are committed to upholding the rights of children and young people who are under the Guardianship of the Chief Executive of the Department of Child Protection. We endorse The Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care and The Charter of Rights for Children and Young People Who are Detained. Further resources can be found at our office or online at The Office of The Guardian.